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Weston Studio, Bristol Old Vic

Performed 13 & 16 March 2019


Part of Bristol Old Vic's New Plays in Rep.

Writer: Skot Wilson

Design: Robin Davis

Lighting design: Benedict Jones

Sound design: Evie Nichols

Cast: Tom Briggs, Shane David-Joseph, Will Fletcher, Lawrence Haynes, Emer Heatley, Jason Imlach, Jonathan Oldfield, Louis J Rhone, Freddy Sawyer, Beshlie Thorp 

The tussle for the planet is evoked in this set of surprising short plays looking at the indelible mark human beings have made on animal life – an age named The Anthropocene. Kangaroo boxing, sea wall erosion, earth grubs hiding a murder, and whales thrown off course by a sea full of digital noise, all combine to ask “Whose Kingdom is this?”


Broadway Baby: "Enter the Anthropocene - An Interview with Skot Wlson", 28 February 2019.

Kingdom, or The Anthropocene: Project
Kingdom, or The Anthropocene: Gallery
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