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(Princess dreams)


Performed 18 March - 11 April 2018

Re-opened 8 March 2019 at Kulturcentrum Ebeneser.

Part of Scenkonst i Norr's small scale touring programme.

director & writer

Design: Hanna Kanto

Cast: Marianne Lindgren, Eva-Britt Tjärnqvist (non-professional performers)

Prinsessdrömmar is a bold, colourful and moving piece about princesses, liberation and revolt based on the real-life stories of the performers. 


"HB has seen a well-composed status report with definite female overtones ... With a working dramatic exchange and strong scenic presence. And [it] ignites the debate fire for those who wish." - Haparandabladet, 10 April 2018.

NSD: "Prinsessornas drömmar väcks till liv", 16 March 2018.

Prinsessdrömmar: Project
Prinsessdrömmar: Gallery
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