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(Over the wall, under the sea)

Uusi Teatteri

Performed autumn 2020 & autumn 2022

director & writer

Design: Erika Sjödin

Composer: Jonatan Eklund

Choreographer: Jukka Korpi

Technician: Linnea Jansson

Cast: Linda Jokela, Kristiina Viiala, Malou Zilliacus

River is the world’s greatest musician. Okay, maybe not. But in a world where the Arctic has melted, the bees have disappeared, and the food mainly consists of algae and bugs and Helsinki and Stockholm have melted into one big city she’s at least the only musician with an optimistic attitude. Together with her two band members she has just missed the last subaquatic taxi to an exclusive underwater colony where the jet set have created a refuge. The future does not look bright for the three musicians. In an attempt to cheer her band members up River tells a mad tale of adventure, music and maybe even… hope? They’ll need it. Especially as the end of the world is the only gig they’ve got booked right now.

Performed in a Swedish and Finnish version. 

Över muren under havet: Project
Över muren under havet: Gallery
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