Antandre Productions

Performed 1-5 June 2021 at The Space


Writer: Louise Brecon-Richards

Actor: Sally Vanderpump

Producer: Marie-Elena Nash

Meet busy, juggling, cool mum, Amy. She’s popular, successful and has mastered the ‘slut drop’. Wearing her cloak of visibility, Amy is a ‘warrior with a purpose’. Pass the gin.  

So why is she aimlessly wandering the streets of London?

THE CLOAK OF VISIBILITY is an exciting and thought-provoking one-woman show exploring the pressure, that many women feel, to be seen to ‘have it all’. The play tackles rarely spoken about issues  with humour and compassion.

THE CLOAK OF VISIBILITY will appear at The Space Arts Centre from 1-5th June 2021. Tickets now on sale HERE

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