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The Wardrobe Theatre

Performed 7-11 May 2019

director & translator

Writers: Louise Löwenberg & Eva Johansson

Design: Alana Ashley

Lighting designer: Atlanta Russell

Sound designer: Fliss Simmons

Cast: Rosie Taylor-Ritson, Sophie Walter

Stage managers: Sara Mikulla, Charlotte Wooley

In June 2010 Thommy Berggren and Mikael Persbrandt, icons of Nordic theatre and film, announced that they were collaborating on a masterpiece. Only one week before the show was due to open, they cancelled all the performances. This is the almost-true story of what actually happened when two male creative geniuses met to produce the greatest work of their careers, and failed. Oh, and Thommy and Mikael? They’re played by women.


"Director Charissa Martinkauppi keeps the tension up, each shrill ring of a mobile from a frantic producer building the pressure cooker. " -Life As Theatre, 8 May 2019. 

"Director and translator Charissa Martinkauppi has created a production that very successfully highlights the risibility of certain male behaviours"- StageTalk Magazine, 8 May 2019. 

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