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Brexit WTF!

So Brexit didn't happen on 31st October, but Brexit WTF! did at Gothenburg English Studio Theatre (GEST)!

To celebrate Gothenburg's annual Culture Night (Kulturnatta) GEST opened its doors and treated its audience to an evening of Brexit WTF! - an hour long script-in-hand performance of monologues about Brexit mixed with comedy sketches and music by pianist Peter Holmstrand. In 2016 I visted GEST for the first time and assisted co-artistic director Gary Whitaker on These Halcyon Days. I was therefore delighted to be asked back to direct BREXIT WTF! together with Gary, and even direct Gary himself in one of the monologues. A big thank you to GEST, the immensely talented actors I worked with and, of course, the wonderful audience!

Hope to see you all again soon!

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