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In September 2019 I answered a Facebook post about directors in the north of Sweden, received a wild and wonderful email as a reply, and since then I have been on a artistic journey with set designer Erika Sjödin to make the piece which is now known as I STORMEN VILAR JAG/ IN THIS STORM I REST.

The idea to IN THIS STORM I REST sprang out of a mutual love for Fatima Bränner's Ett jävla solsken about the pioneering, but fairly unknown, female journalist Esther Blenda Nordström, Erika's interest in ice as a material and the idea that theatremakers of any discipline should be able to initiate a production. And now we're here - in January 2022 in Pajala, Sweden, building a set of ice and snow on a frozen river and ready to portray, dissect and discuss the forgotten stories of three important women who made a difference to life and society in early 20th century Swedish Lapland - Elsa Laula Renberg, Lina Hjort and Svarta Björn ("Black Bear").

For more information and tickets:

I STORMEN VILAR JAG/ IN THIS STORM I REST is produced by Teater Char Da Mar in collaboration with Tornedalsteatern. With support from IceHotel, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Arts Council, Region Norrbotten, Pajala Kommun and The Robert Weil Family Foundation.

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