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  • Charissa Martinkauppi

"The greatest of the greatest" - about to open!

Opening night is less than a week away and everyone is working hard to create the final product that will go up at The Wardrobe Theatre at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th May!

During these past couple of weeks designer Alana Ashley and costume supervisor Rhianne Good have treated the actors Sophie Walter and Rosie Taylor-Ritson to a day in which they got made up in full drag. We've also had a visit from movement director Kel Matsena who has created a choreography for one of the more absurd scenes of the play. Though The greatest of the greatest is a play that relies heavily on dialogue, the script mentions several movement sequences and movement has been a central aspect of the actors' transformation from young women into middle-aged men. Our work has included researching the body language of the men the play is based on, exploring points of weight, mimicking the body language of famous men, and creating improvisations based on photos of men interacting. Actors and fellow BOVTS students Tom Briggs and Will Fletcher have also visited the rehearsal room and performed scenes from the play in order for Rosie and Sophie to use their body languages as reference in the creation of Thommy and Micke.

Now there are only a few details left to set before Thommy and Micke take over the stage at The Wardrobe Theatre - hope to see you there!